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Elfiq Networks

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The world’s most innovative Link Balancer provider

Elfiq Networks enables organizations to ensure business continuity and improve network performance through innovative link balancing technologies.

Elfiq has built unique expertise in this field and can help organizations of any size or vertical sector, from small businesses to global enterprises, and further its ability to compete by ensuring constant reliable access to the Internet, the foundation of modern communications.

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Elfiq Core Technologies enable the basic functions found in the Elfiq product line. All models include:

  • Layer-2 Integration: This enables the Elfiq unit to be installed transparently without modifying an existing network. Because operations are handled at the 2nd layer of the OSI model (Data Link Layer), no network port used by Elfiq for a WAN/ISP connection has an IP address and so cannot be compromised by Internet-based attacks.
  • Compatibility: Elfiq’s units are inline (or transparent) units which can integrate into any network and, because of the layer-2 implementation, are compatible with any firewall/VPN.
  • Primary Link: In a Layer-2 concept, organizations use the existing link connected to the firewall as the main link for configurations. Should network alterations be required, the link can be reconnected directly to the firewall without any configuration requirement. With the primary link, a single set of security policies are required on the firewall for easy management.
  • Link balancing and failover: All Elfiq units use multiple advanced algorithms to efficiently manage bandwidth for performance, availability and failover in case of link failure. Algorithms can be selected for each link, service port or IP address.
  • Traffic segmentation: Elfiq units enable the distribution of certain types of traffic on selected links in scenarios like VPN and VoIP. Traffic segmentation can be defined by IP address (source/destination), protocol and port.
  • Virtual Forwarder Interface: A unique Elfiq technology, which enables advanced models to be configured with multiple “virtual balancers”. Common uses include geographic balancing, network segmentation for links used by multiple organizations under the same network, mixing private and public networks securely.
  • Failover and continuity of operations: All Elfiq rack mount units can be configured in active/passive pairs for optimal operations.
  • LAN Failsafe: E-Series Elfiq products use a pair of linked ports to ensure connectivity between the primary link and the firewall should the Elfiq unit lose power.
  • Management: Customers can manage the Elfiq units with the command line interface or Elfiq Explorer, the management client for Windows desktops. Organizations needing customization may use the XML API.

For more information on how Elfiq can imrpove your network performance call 1-800-641-6416 to talk to an expert. You can also view a detailed overview here.


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