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Plantronics Warranty Information1

At Headset Experts we realize that customer satisfaction depends on how the product works out of the box and how well it performs over time. We are so confident in the quality, reliability and dependability of Plantronics products that we take care of Plantronics warranty paperwork and processing for you. For 1 or 2 years, based the the Plantronics warranty, we will process all warranty-related matters for you. After the Plantronics warranty is up, we will still take care of the paperwork for repair service for our customers.

Service During the Warranty Period

Plantronics headsets are known for their reliability and are very easy to maintain - but all products occasionally require some attention. We will provide a replacement product out of our inventory (unless it is a special order or Plantronics special build item) for any Plantronics product that fails within the first 30 days of the sale. If your headset needs repairing after the first 30 days of the official Plantronics warranty period, simply return it to Headset Experts and as a stocking distributor, we will complete all warranty paperwork for you and have Plantronics provide a replacement via 2nd day air to keep your people talking and your business on the move. Please advise us by Email ( or phone of your intent to return your headset for service so we may give you a Service Authorization Number.

Advanced Replacement

If you need your replacement product ASAP, please call or email your sales rep to see if Advanced Replacement is available for your product. Most advanced replacements are secured with a credit card, which is refunded upon receipt of your failed product. Contact us for more details on Advanced Replacement.

Service After the Warranty Period has Expired

If your headset is out of warranty, we offer a highly cost-effective way to get your headset back in pristine condition. Simply return the headset to Headset Experts and for a flat fee (generally ranging from $39 to $49 depending on Plantronics model), we will send you a factory reconditioned replacement headset within 48 hours of receipt (on most Plantronics models.) Our service specialists use only Plantronics original factory parts so that every replacement headset performs as well as the day it was made. Please advise us by Email ( or phone of your intent to return your headset for service so we may give you a Service Authorization Number.

Non-Plantronics Warranty

Each of our non-Plantronics tele-communication products is selected due to the quality, warranty, and manufacturer support of the products. For example, many Teledex hospitality phones carry a lifetime warranty. Listen Technologies provides phenomenal support and a long warranty on many of its tour group systems. Polycom provides direct support of DOA and warranty issues. If you have any questions about warranty for non-Plantronics products, please call 800-641-6416 or email us using our contact form.

1Tele-Communication, Inc. / will do its best to arrange for quick replacements for Plantronics items that fail within the warranty period. We cannot make guarantees about turnaround times due to the following factors; a small assortment of Plantronics products are special builds that take 2-10 weeks to build from the time that we place the order, Plantronics performs a direct repair on a small selection of high-end special build products, Plantronics may be in a backorder situation on a certain product, or Plantronics may have discontinued manufacture of a certain product. In each of these cases, we will work to get replacement products to our customers as quickly as reasonably possible.

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